Pfister Faucet Reviews – How Good Are Their Faucets

When it comes to brands that naturally upgrade the usefulness of the kitchen in a beautiful as well as innovative way, Pfister faucet is the most famous brand in the global market.  There are up to 100 faucets in the market that offers different style and vast varieties to uplift the kitchens.


However, the brand offers the quality but what more exactly excites the buyers and what else needed to know about Pfister faucet before you purchase the one? Here is the complete Pfister Faucet Review which is covering everything for you.

History of Pfister

pfister faucets history

The brand was founded by the William Pfister and Emil Price, originally invented for helping the chores related to the gardening. The company has the experience of decades that help in producing the kitchen faucets with the quality. However, at first the company was called Price Pfister and it stayed like for 100 years. But in the year 2010, the company changed its name and now it’s known as Pfister.

During the time between 1910 – 1919, the brand worked to expand their selections in products including different fixtures for plumbing and Kitchen Faucets.  Also, it’s the first company that introduced the design like pull out kitchen faucet which was not just an easy but affordable option for the household.  The company also merged with Kwikset in 2000 for availing the simple and flexible process in manufacturing for custom kitchen faucet designs. It takes less than 8 weeks to deliver the product to the customer.  Before that, the brand was a part of the Black and Decker family in 1989.

Also, for World War II, Pfister helped in manufacturing the equipment to help the military as well. After the war ended, they introduced the easy to install faucets, durable and with more features, also it was named Crown Jewel collection. Because of this, the brand turned out as successful name in households.

How Good Are Pfister Kitchen Faucets?

The company is offering ideal kitchen faucets for more than decades. Also, it’s one of the most known brands in this field, which is offering the different as well as unique style and pattern.  The ideas inspired considering all different type of cultures so it can fit the decors of any type. Here are points to clear this subject little more:

  • Comes with variations and style: Pfister has vast options when it comes to design and style. Also due to their long journey, they have the vintage collections in the faucets to offer. Along with that, they have modern upgrades styles and designs. Overall the company has the collections which make some Top quality faucet in today’s era.
  • Quality and Facilities: The brand becomes the name in the household due to its easy as well as hassle-free facilities. They have provided options such as soap dispenser, pull-down head, decorative deck plate, 360-degree swivel and many more.  Also, they offer the safeguard that comes with lifetime warranty and seals for making it safe.  The products are also approved by the governed bodies as it meets the best requirements standards.
  • The designs and hassle-free process: It’s one of the biggest reasons why the faucets of Pfister are good.  The designs that the brand offers to suit the different styles of kitchen. Not just that, it also helps in making the center point more focused and also gives an inviting look.

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The Technology Pfister Are Using in Their Faucets

Pfister is using different technologies in their faucets like react touch-free technology, top Pfit installation technology, Xtract water filtering technology, etc.  Among them the react touch-free technology is more convenient and popular. It does not just work like magic but also keep the work more convenient and hassle-free.  The react work easily and simply, follow the points to know more:

  • Wave for activating: React technology is introduced to cut off the extra efforts. To activate, you just have to wave with the hands to the sensors.
  • Performance without any worry: The React technology has the smart stop which means if the work gets hectic and you don’t have the time to turn off the water every time. A smart stop will do that for you. It has the automatic shut off feature that activates after every 2 minutes if the tap is not in use. Well, it helps in saving the water as well as the time.
  • Easy Communicator: The React technology has a low battery indicator. So, whenever the time comes for changing the batteries, there will be four times pulse in the LED light to give the reminder.
  • Additional features: There are additional features that are added with the Pfister faucets to make it more convenient. It has temperature control and manual override features. Temperature control whereas help you to get the degree you want just by rotating as well as adjusting the handle. You can easily switch to cold to hot or vice versa water.

Manual override let you take the control in your hand.  It helps to let you do the work without getting disturbed.

Well apart from the react technology, there are more in the list that the brand offers. It includes:

  • Accudock: it’s an advanced technology in spray head that make sure to connect with the faucet spout.  Also, it keeps the safe tight to make the work clean.
  • PforeverSeal: To avoid leakage, the faucet comes with forever seal.  With the help of its advanced ceramic disc valve technology, the leakage like issues can be avoided easily.
  • Extra-long hose: To keep the cleaning part easy and hassle-free, the retractable sprayer hose which comes in long in size comes with the Faucet. It also helps in cleaning the sink and its different parts.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from Pfister?

Pfister avail different styles as well as options to provide the best faucets for bathroom and kitchen. However, most of the faucet that is found is a gooseneck aesthetic. But some accessories come along with the options in faucets.

Going through this Pfister faucets review, there are some important points to notice.  The company doesn’t offer any collection or model finish.  You can find some options, taking an example of Breckenridge to pull down kitchen which only avails finish of the stainless steel along with the rustic pewter hint.

There are different types that you can find in the kitchen faucets which Pfister is offering currently. However, each type is based on different requirement and need. Not just that, you also need to get the idea about what you are looking. it includes:

Warranty on a Pfister Kitchen Faucet

Well, one of the reasons why Pfister Faucet Reviews are always in positive is their warranty. They offer lifetime Limited warranty on their products which is also known as PForever Warranty too.  Not just that, it also covers the faucet’s function as well as finish, but for that, the home should be owned by the purchaser. If you want to claim the warranty, you are going to need the evidence related to the original homeownership.
pfister lifetime warranty

If your claim is valid, then the manufacturer will repair as well as send the part of the product to you which is claimed to be damaged. Also, the expense will be paid by the company itself. To claim, you are going to require the faucet’s model number along with the description of what kind of issue you are facing. For more, you can get in touch with their customer support at 1 (800) 732-8238. Or you can send a written statement to the company via fax as well. Check their contact page.

Also, there are some technologies which are added in the faucet and they don’t have a lifelong warranty. Well, such items include control box, electric sensor, filter cartridge, and filter manifold. However, they may not have a lifelong warranty but they come with 5-year limited warranty. It is applied if the purchase is made directly from the original seller or with the residence users.

Prices of Pfister Faucets

The option in buying the faucets are either you can do it directly from its manufacture or, there are retail outlets online where you can find the Pfister Faucets as well.  However, the price can differ as it depends on the place you are buying.

For affordable buying, the online option is much better.  You can save up to 30% in MSRP. Comparing both options, online you can get the handle pullout kitchen in the lesser price of $90 whereas with the other option it is available at $ 125 or more.

Well, Pfister offers the much affordable options that can help the kitchen to get the upgrade.  Not just that, for those who are having the budget, it can be a much simpler way to add the luxury touch without wasting too much money on it.  The series of the faucet by the Pfister offers the best products that can be purchased in that value. But yes, Pfister offers some expensive faucets as well.


Pfister Faucet Brand is a famous and most known brand in this section for a very long time.  After getting to know more about this Pfister faucet review, it can be easier to understand why the brand is considered as best options out there. They not just upgraded their items but also added the technology to performed better and also insured it with the lifetime warranty.

Along with the great looks, it also has the variations that cover the vintage to a modern look. Adding a luxury touch and upgrade the overall look of the kitchen, the Pfister faucet avail the vast options to choose.

In other words, Pfister covers more than expected without exceeding its value which make the brand suitable for the average household and its technology helps in keeping the workflow hassle-free.

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